Depressingly Awesome

I find myself pretty irrational, Thank U
poupeegirl fashion brand community

Take a look at some of my magnificent BD gifts!!!

What you see here is my customade Bunny hoodie! I just totally love it! a very talented friend of mine made it for me. She is planning to release some other awesome goods like this one, so this is like the unofficial premiere (?) please visit her here: Hateless-kuroyuki

Also I got giant Hibird from the sweet seishiroukaburagi! I love love Hibird! cute yellow birds in general, but Hibird was one of my first chicken loves! and as I love Hibari Kyouya, having a giant Hibird is like a dream!

Boots were also a gift from a good friend! I love boots! and I’ve wanted a pair of white laced boots since forever! *3*

I got some other gifts but I’ll rant about it tomorrow when I get to take some proper pics!

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